How Lies Are Making the Poor and Middle Class Poorer

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I understand the game of the rich, my rich uncle taught me. You should know it because you are the banker, the bankers are the rich play, it's different from what they teach you at school.

All over the world, What does the school teach you about money? nothing right? and that's no mistake, not even an accident. I knew that most people knew about it. The way to keep the middle class working hard is never teaching them what the rich know. usually, its what the rich teach their kids about money and the poor and middle class do not. 

Poverty hurts, no one likes it and I do not like it that our academic systems are so corrupt, just like we know the bank system is corrupt, we know the politics is corrupt, but then the academic system is just as corrupt. Coming to think of it this is a place where many send their children and trust the system to do the right thing for them. A yet they are not being taught something so fundamental the fact is they will never tell your children about money.

What is financial education, it's not about getting a job, working hard, saving money and invest in a well-diversified right portfolio, stocks, mutual funds. The financial industry is two things debt and taxes. and our kids still go to school only to get a job, work hard, save money and get out of debt. Now, who tells them to do that? 

The book says ' saving money will make you rich.', we were all taught that as kids. now why would you save it and why would you work hard for it? if they can print it faster than you can work for it. So why do you keep saving when they are printing it?.

The rich do not work for money, don't you touch that stuff. well, they don't say I am going to train you to be the worker bee the rest of your life, but they educate you in a way where that's how you end up, right!.

If you are going to be successful in your life, you should first find the best teachers, and the best teachers are those who come in from the inside and not the outside. But in school, you do not know if your instructor is for real or not and that's where the fake teacher comes from.

I asked my uncle to teach me about money, and he said if I teach you about money then you work for me for free, because I pay you to think like an employee, if you learn never to work for money then you will be a rich man. This is powerful, once you give someone a paycheck, their brains turn off because it's in a promise of a pension, job security. which is kind of a paycheck in disguise, after he stops working, give a man a fish, eats for a day teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

Most poor people confuse assets for liabilities, they think their home is an asset, its a liability. An asset is a noun like a House, cash flow is a verb. so to understand if its an asset or a liability it takes a noun plus a verb. so if the cash is flowing out of your pocket it's a liability. if the cash is flowing into your pocket, it's a noun-verb that is an asset. So I own 8 rental properties, those are assets, every month the cash flows in. whereas many people have a huge house on the hill and the cash is flowing out, that's a liability and with no much assets, they are going broke.

The other thing the poor do not understand is the number one expense for most people is taxes

and yet we don't even see it, isn't that so weird? you look at your paycheck and you see something is very weird. But still, you don't realize is that the government has a huge hand in your pockets. And you are doing nothing to minimize that. 

The rich do not work for money as the number one expense is the tax. Hear this: there are three kinds of income ( Earned, Portfolio, Passive). so earned an income is if I get a job now that's earned income if I am a doctor or a programmer, that's earned income too because I am working for it. If I buy an Apple for like 10 kwacha and I later sell it for 20 kwacha, that's portfolio income some capital gains kind of thing. But passive income is that cash flow which is never taxed. Look most of the rich do not even have jobs anyway, they have assets.

And so the average small poor guy sends their kids to school, they do not learn this. You see very few people will buy what I do, make a million-dollar and pay zero tax. you know this guy Bezos, he owns 16 billion dollars and pays zero tax for it. and that's all legal, anyone can do it. Just that most people lack education.

So once you learn how to use debt as money, you will never say I can't afford it. you see because the banks will give you, and they will give you tax-free. you usually don't know which is an asset or a liability until you see which way the cash flows. if its taking money from your pocket then that's a liability, and you need more assets and cash flowing in and reduce liabilities. 

So how can you fight, poverty? just never say ' I can't afford it'. ask your self 'How can I', mistakes will usually be made. but that's how I learn 'How can I?'. But the poor people always say 'I can't afford it, do you think I am made of money?'. so when I meet poor and unsuccessful people they use the words 'I Can't' a lot, I can't do this or that, I can't afford it, The rich are evil nowadays...

And That's one thing people can change today, so one thing you should adopt is stop saying the word 'I can't' especially 'I can't afford it.' but think as in ' How can I afford that?' so if they can do It I can Do it, but How can I? . 

The Bible too " intelligence increases though mistakes through ups and downs", What I had learned made me richer, not the money, he taught me money to make money. every human has a low point in their life, and if they get the message, a new life begins. And if they don't get the message they keep going down.

"The richer I got was because I didn't need any money I could use this to make money. But how did I get there is I made a lot of mistakes. " -Bezos

People are so scared of making mistakes, and all of this fear of failing will let us fail.


Source - Video Advice: 50%