Why use Litebase for personal and Business Online Services

Learn the very basics of every feature of Litebase.

Litebase is an internet company that offers lots of consumers services and enterprise services, Litebase was brought to action 2 years after Broos Action was in production state and Litebase now serves as the main Teach Lead in the Broos Action World. Litebase uses a dot XYZ domain which in the Broos Action world is a symbolic meaning of something that is good and limitless.


Litebase offers lots of services which includes but not limited to Social Networking, Instant messaging, Cloud Data Storage, Cloud analytics, CDN, Litebase TV, Cloud AI, and other sub or Broos Action hybrid services. So let's get a clear insider view of what these services provide.

Social Networking 

 The Social networking part of Litebase provides users and businesses social needs by helping them connects with the right audience, friends, and families. The Social Engine seats on the Broos Action's Broos-Ads core system though it is built from an enterprise Social Networking script that is usually fully Customized b Broos Action. The social networking service is also the main account hub of other services as they sync users with their social accounts. Now let's get a closer overview.

Social features

  • Instant messaging to enable users to chat (audio, text, and video) to a single person or a group of other users.
  • Share texts, emotions, files, audio, files, location, ideas, plans, suggestions and many more to the user's followers or viewers with respect to the post's privacy.
  • to create blogs and share ideas, news, etc. And to help others in the forum and discuss hot topics.
  • To develop Apps to interact with the social engine just like the way Broos Action products do.
  • To create groups, pages, events, job listings, product listings in the market, and Adverts to help enhance social and business needs.
  • Can earn points just by using the network, these points which can later be converted to real money, which can be directly earned by referring others to the network.

Cloud Data Storage

Our cloud data storage servers and apps run on the worlds best and fastest network, We do not have a physical data center at our office's lot, or in our city but we do own huge amounts of storage drives in many data centers around the world. Our storage services have good features with the best price plan as well as the special package for enterprise use which is a pay for what you use kind of system. 

to get started with our drive and get free 2gb of cloud SSD storage drive click the link below 


Web Hosting Services

Litebase offers the best enterprise web hosting services in partnership with our partner Ospreneur 

Ospreneur is the best African Entrepreneur's start point, it offers multiple cloud services and is based in western Africa. We offer customizable web hosting features as well as the industrial standards.

You can check out our web hosting standard plans at Where you can either Contact Ospreneur or Litebase | Broos Action for account set up and payments.


Why Use our web hosting?


You could purchase any web hosting from other vendors, or you could purchase a web hosting package that helps support and promote young entrepreneurs. Both Ospreneur and Broos Action are owned by young entrepreneurs who are working hard to help improve Africa and fight against poverty and illiteracy through great advancement in technology, strategic thinking and applying intelligent solutions and actions problems when they arise.

To get started, you will need to choose a plan for your needs. Reliable Premium hosting, with no dairy, hit limits, from 10GB to Unlimited Disk space, no maximum file size. 

Cloud web hosting features with unlimited specs and premium dedicated support team is the right start for your website. fast, reliable and secure website hosting for a super low price.

If you purchase any of our hosting packages or are already using our hosting services them you are eligible for the Broos Action's Premium Cloud Valkyrie Security System to add an extra layer of protection on your web infrastructure for free.


Litebase Cloud

Litebase cloud brings in the possibilities of building AI models, intelligent chatbots, intelligent Advertising, Artificial intelligent Systems, and machine learning. All in our cloud with or without any programming knowledge. It's an expert service that brings in the power of cloud and AI to already existing applications, to be used either by clients, employees or developers. Litebase Cloud is extensible with most existing Cloud services provider and it's not to be taken as a replacement but as a useful addon to your cloud Infrastructure.