BLDC Washer Motor VS DD Washer Motor

As the "heart" of the washing machine, the Washer Motor directly determines the energy efficiency, noise, stability and other aspects of the product.

As the "heart" of the washing machine, the Washer Motor directly determines the energy efficiency, noise, stability and other aspects of the product. In order to pursue better product performance, the core component of the washer motor is moving toward high performance, permanent magnetization, and brushless. The development of mechatronics, intelligence and combination. As the leader among DC inverter washer motors, it is getting more and more widely used.

Although the same DC inverter motor, DD motor and BLDC motor two technical routes have been controversial. Some companies believe that "BLDC motors are more advantageous than DD motors in terms of cost. BLDC motors may have more development prospects than DD motors." Some companies believe that "although BLDC motors have distinct advantages, they are based on long-term development trends, that is, low energy consumption. The motor is simplified, the failure rate is low, etc., and the development potential of DD motors is even greater."

Like the display industry's OLED technology and quantum dot dispute, washer motor is also facing the same confusion, DD motor is equivalent to OLED technology, BLDC is equivalent to quantum dot technology, the former is technological innovation, the latter is technological improvement.

Due to its large output torque, DD motor can be directly connected to the moving device, eliminating the need for connecting devices such as reducer, gear box and belt, which makes the speed regulation range wider, the response speed is faster, the noise is lower, and the efficiency is higher, which represents the industry. The advanced level and development direction.

However, due to structural changes, DD motors require washing machine manufacturers to completely change the traditional installation mode, and the cost is high, mainly for high-end products. The BLDC motor is more widely used because it has no difference in structure from the traditional washer motor and is more efficient. NanYang motor focus on offering DDM Motors , we wish can offer one-stop service for our customers, if you interested in NanYang Motor , please contact us by check below link any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you!